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What is legal tech interoperability and why it matters.



The discussion on interoperability seems to be picking up in the legal industry space.

To be more specific, it becomes more evident that legal tech solutions have to work together. The main reason? There are many different legal tech systems, each of them addressing an isolated problem.

This topic was covered in more details on the CloutLegal blog (below is an excerpt from that article)

„Interoperability in law and legaltech is the ability of (multiple) legal tech solutions to work together, exchange data, and achieve synergy. As a result, data, insights, and legal solutions are reached much faster than otherwise, without the need for manual intervention.”

For some reason, the understanding of interoperability in legaltech still seems to be somewhat elusive. No wonder, frankly. Just recently legal professionals were starting with their first legal tech solutions.

“…currently, the legal tech landscape is broad and extremely fragmented. This has created an interoperability challenge (the ability for different technology systems to work with each other)…”

“…some of the solutions perceived as most valuable included interoperability (tools and platforms that allow different technology systems to work with each other…”

“…participants gave interoperability higher value ratings overall than any other concept we asked them about. Many participants expressed that increased interoperability would help their firm become more efficient by bringing essential information together in one convenient location.

On the other hand, many said that their firms already have interoperability platforms and workarounds. Some said their firm may have only limited interest in investing in interoperability…”

Daniel W. Linna Jr, Law Firm Leader Perceptions of the Value of Technology

However, it seems that legaltech adoption is starting to pick up at an increasing rate. While this is pretty good per se, it inevitably leads to yet another set of problems.

Legal tech, by and large, simply does not work together. But why would legal tech need to collaborate in the first place?

We used to say lawyers work like silos. Authors around the Globe scorned legal professionals for keeping too much to themselves. We looked upon legal tech vendors to provide platforms, and to legal business coaches to influence the change in law firms’ culture.”

Single point solutions solve a specific problem. However, in doing so, they create new problems due to a variety of legal tech solutions on the market. Clients want to be able to seamlessly transfer data from one product to another.

STP has understood this trend a long time ago. Hence, many of our products communicate with one another by design.

Get in touch and learn more about how we address system integration and interoperability of our products.

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